FISH OF THE DAY Season 3 Episode 2 – The Latris Lineata

In this 3rd season of Fish of the Day, join Clarke Gayford aboard the Merry Fisher 795 and the Merry Fisher 895 Marlin.  This is a unique opportunity to discover fishing as well as the culinary arts in the extraordinary landscapes of New Zealand.


Jeanneau offers you a richly varied voyage – in terms of fish, but also in terms of locations. Don’t wait!  Join in on the adventure with Fish of the Day!


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In this episode, we find Clark Gayford still cruising along the shores of Half Moon Bay, on Stewart Island.  After numerous attempts, and crossing a bank of Blue Cod, Clark Gayford finally appears to have the coveted fish at the end of his line: the Latris Lineata!


Now that take doesn’t feel like a Blue Cod!  And it’s fighting much harder, too.


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With its contemporary design and strong personality, the Merry Fisher 895 Marlin is the ideal boat for taking on an adventure!  Sport fishing outings, joy riding on short cruises, kayaking adventures… there are as many different possible uses as there are ways of living on board!


The Merry Fisher 895 Marlin is the ideal boat to take on an adventure!



About “Fish of the Day”


“Fish of the Day” is a television show in which fishing serves as the perfect excuse to discover fabulous destinations.

In each episode, Clarke Gayford, a well-known television presenter in New Zealand, makes it a point of honour to catch incredible fish in stunning scenery.  Through his encounters, each one more enriching and joyous than the last, he enhances the fresh-caught fish by featuring it in a traditional recipe prepared by a renowned chef.

The show pays particular attention to the ecosystem and the environment.  Fishing can be both extraordinary and environmentally friendly!