A Sailor in Cape Horn Aboard a Jeanneau Sun Fizz!

Watch the interview with Fanch Guillon, a single-handed sailor aboard a Sun Fizz, who tells about his humanitarian work with Voiles Sans Frontières and his criteria in choosing a boat.

A circumnavigation of 25,000 nautical miles with the objective of reaching Cape Horn: this is the challenge that Fanch Guillon set for himself in 2012, aboard his Sun Fizz, “Chanik,” with the support of the Jeanneau shipyard, a partner of Voiles sans Frontières since 1998.

It was an itinerary that he would travel over the course of a year, and which would take him to Senegal, to Panama, to Cape Horn, to Brazil, returning by way of Gibraltar.

In parallel, Fanch Guillon also contributed some support to humanitarian efforts, working alongside a medical team from the association, Voiles Sans Frontières. 

 His boat, “Chanik” served to transport medical materials for some fifteen days to reach an underserved village in Senegal.