Sun Odyssey serisi, tüm ihtiyaçlarınıza cevap verir.

A multitude of posibilities await you.

Cruising with Family and Friends

Sun Odyssey sailboats are for all those who love sailing and the sea – experienced sailors and newcomers, alike, as well as their enthusiastic crew – all take their places in the cockpit for beautiful, safe cruises. After breathing in plenty of sea air, everyone on board can enjoy an an-chorage in a magnificent cove for diving, swimming, sunbathing, dining, and spending a night on board. Whether spending weekends or weeks together with friends and family, you will en-joy the gentle, natural rhythm of life on board.

Offshore Sailing and Extended Stays on Board

Designed for sharing and enjoying simple pleasures on board, Sun Odyssey sailboats are also proud offshore cruisers, ready for adventure and for longer crossings at sea. Stable, strong, and high-performance, they are your faithful cruising companions. With comforta-ble cabins, brightly lit and well-ventilated interiors, high-quality equipment, and clever stor-age solutions, they enable you to plan extended stays on board with full peace of mind.

Learning to Sail and First Cruises

With the Sun Odyssey, performance does not exclude ease of use. Numerous characteristics make these excellent sailboats for discovering sailing and learning how to sail. Ergonomic de-sign on board contributes to ease of handling and safety while cruising: a sail handling system, recessed sidedecks, good visibility from the helm, a lowered boom… At port or under way, the Sun Odyssey will boost the confidence of your inner sailor.

Models in this line

Sun Odyssey 349



10.34 m / 33'11"


Sun Odyssey 350

Another Step Forward for the Pleasure of Sailing


10.4 m / 34'1"

Sun Odyssey 380

Deniz hayatının tadını çıkaracağınız keyifli zamanlar!


11.22 m / 36'10"

Sun Odyssey 410



12.35 m / 40'6"

Sun Odyssey 440

Sun Odyssey 440, sizi, hayatin tadini en güzel şekilde çikarabileceğiniz bir yolculuğa davet ediyor!


13 m / 42'8"

Sun Odyssey 490

Sun Odyssey 490: tekne yaşamina yeni bir bakiş


14.42 m / 47'4"

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