Cap Camarat: an iconic line for fun on the water

For more than 40 years, the Cap Camarat line has been continually renewed, yet remained true to the values and heritage of Jeanneau. With the development of innovative concepts for each new model, the Cap Camarat line became a key player on the open outboard market in Europe.


Cap Camarat:  A Pioneer, the Key to Success

Jeanneau has influenced the development of day boats in Europe and worldwide.

Today, over 35,000 boats cruise on waters around the world!  

Cap Camarat:  A Strong Identity

No less than 62 Cap Camarat models have been built since the launch of the line, all sharing the same heritage:  incomparable seaworthy qualities, clever improvements, unequalled comfort on board, and a timeless elegance.

Cap Camarat:  True Value

The Cap Camarat is a gauge of excellence. It owes its success to its versatility, making it possible to organise both sporty family outings and unforgettable cruises without compromising comfort!

Cap Camarat:  Safe Cruising

La sicurezza è un leitmotiv per i team Jeanneau, tutti gli elementi a bordo sono stati progettati per permettere di navigare in modo sicuro. Ergonomia, facilità di circolazione, volumi e grandi spazi, l’ampio pozzetto, il comfort all’interno o in rada, nulla è lasciato al caso su un Cap Camarat.

Cap Camarat:  Incomparable Style

Creating timeless boats that retain their value (as much sentimental as economical and technical), without losing their appeal over the years, this has been Jeanneau's successful wager with this iconic line!

Cap Camarat:  Creating Memories

Cap Camarat is there for family fun, for sharing precious moments and making memories with family and friends.  Fun, sensations of speed, emotions, and unique experiences for you to live and to relive!


The Cap Camarat serves as a partner in adventure for thousands of boaters around the world!  


More than a simple product line, there is an entire world of Cap Camarat.

The Cap Camarat:  Multiply the Sensations, Share the Emotions


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