Uživaj, a Dalmatian Odyssey #3

«The sailboat is a great, energy efficient means of transportation, placing man in his natural environment.»


«The Sun Odyssey 469, Base Camp for Outdoor Activities»


«For the "Uzivaj, a Dalmatian Odyssey" expedition, the sailboat was the ideal way to discover the treasures of the Adriatic, in coastal cruising mode.  Through this adventure, we hoped to explore our personal relationships with nature.  Outdoor activities in this natural setting were encouraged, of course!  


In fact, since sailing is an activity that can be enjoyed while respecting the natural environment, it is well suited to sustainable development and calm, responsible tourism. 

We then have the ability to take aboard two stand-up paddleboards, a windsurfing board, three paragliders, scuba diving equipment, two kitesurfing boards, and climbing equipment for 4 people.  Fun and practical ways for a super-active crew to experience a variety of cruising pleasures!  

We were a bit sceptical at first as to whether we had the capacity to bring all this material on board and as to how easy it would be to use on location.  Certainly, this would require well-organised storage and well adapted equipment.  We opted for inflatable Gunsails paddleboards that could be stored without any problem under the upside-down tender, forward of the mast, while the windsurfing board and its rigging were stored on top.  The generous storage locker at the bow accommodated all of the additional equipment:  a 110-Litre bag for the climbing equipment, a 160-Litre bag for the paragliders, the paddles, and eight large fenders.  This compartment and perfectly watertight, however, we took the precaution of using robust, waterproof bags.  The crew’s only regret:  not bringing a folding bicycle.  So, the storage capacity is exceptional.  

We even rigged the eight-square-metres windsurfing board on the deck without a problem whether on the foredeck or under the boom.  The aft transom provided an easy sea access for paddleboards, windsurfing board, diving and swimming.

For our eight-member crew, the Sun Odyssey 469 was the perfect traveling companion.  With solar panels or a wind generator, it would further satisfy those sailors who love nature in all its forms!»


Frédéric Buet, a specialist in outdoor sports