The Love Boat #10: Dominica

After Martinique, here is our famous Sun Légende 41 in Dominica:

Last Days in Martinique

“Our stay in Martinique was extended by over two weeks! After leaving our Quebecois friends, we met up with a French friend who lives in Grande Anse. We delighted in these moments: a day spent driving around the island and wonderful evenings on the beach allowed us to better get to know the local lifestyle!


Headed to Dominica

It was time to leave for Dominica, an island known more for its interior beauty than for its beaches. To our great disappointment, however, we did not encounter any humpback whales in the area during this period of the year.

In Portsmouth, to the north of the island, the locals are well organised to take care of cruisers. Each cruiser is paired with a “boy boat” intermediary. Alexis served as our intermediary during our entire stay: for finding fish, a taxi to the customs office, other services or advice.

After two days of non-stop rain, exceptional for this season, we were finally able to take off and explore this little paradise.


Exploring the Island: It’s the jungle!

We are not very bold when it comes to hiking in the middle of nowhere. But, at our anchorage, we met up again with our friends from Lorient, who had left for a year and a half, sailing between Senegal and Brazil. As they are fans of hiking off the beaten path and down into canyons, we decided to take advantage of their experience, following them into the primordial forest in search of magnificent waterfalls. I have never seen such dense and varied forests! The northern beaches are rugged and swimming there is risky, but we didn’t hesitate because it is paid access for some!

We will treasure some truly beautiful memories of this island, and now our voyage continues with Marie-Galante, Les Saintes, Guadeloupe, and more superb places to discover aboard The Love Boat. We are only halfway through our voyage!”