The Love Boat #8: The Magic of the Caribbean

Sarah and Sébastien left everything behind for a transatlantic crossing aboard a Sun Légende 41, and now, here they are in the Caribbean…

“After our transatlantic crossing, we needed a bit of rest! Our bodies had been working hard during those fifteen days. So, we have been taking advantage of the calm in Port Saint Charles, in Barbados. The tortoises swim; the barracudas chase; our first snorkelling sessions thrilled us. The water is so transparent! This is our first time in the Caribbean. Being aboard The Love Boat in such a setting is magical, after so much preparation for this voyage!

The "house" is on the other side of the Atlantic, but here we are in a sailor’s paradise. We have three months ahead of us in which to discover these beautiful spots, each one as magnificent as the last. In Barbados, there is not much tourism, and we prefer to relax on the beach or in the hammock... But, we must also make progress on our list of to-dos, little things to change or repair, and continual maintenance of The Love Boat!

After a week in paradise, we headed for Grenada. Some friends have joined us for vacation in the Grenadines. This moment is very welcome: we need and want to share this crazy adventure. They appreciate the comfort of The Love Boat. The turquoise water, the coconut trees and the warm air lend a certain charm! To see them on board, we are all the more aware that we are living out a dream, far from the everyday. We very much enjoyed the island of Grenada, less chic than Barbados. The locals are very warm and welcoming, and they always laugh when we tell them the name of our boat. Smiles are ever-present...

Soon, we are heading up toward the charming island of Carriacou to set anchor in the fabulous Grenadines.”