Sun Odyssey 350, Innovations Changing Life on Board

The Sun Odyssey 349, an enormous success that has sold more than 1,000 sailboats, now has a successor:  the Sun Odyssey 350.

This sailboat features important innovations, clever details, and enhanced technological performance.
Of course, these benefit sailing enjoyment; but they also contribute to the comfort and safety of all on board, and as a result, the harmony of life on board, enriching shared moments with family.

Walkaround Sidedecks, Much More Than a Simple Detail

Already present on larger Sun Odyssey models, the walkaround sidedecks have been adapted on the new Sun Odyssey 350, with very concrete results for the quality of life on board.


In fact, walkaround sidedecks enable the helmsperson to safely access the forward deck from the helm, avoiding the cockpit, and without stepping around or disturbing crew members.

As a result of this new feature, the twin helms are positioned further from the centreline.  The helmsperson thus has improved visibility and easy access to the winch from the helm station, facilitating handling without requiring unnecessary movement.  This creates a peaceful, reassuring space for passengers in the cockpit, even during manoeuvres.

With high coaming and more comfortable seating, parents can enjoy peaceful cruising even with young children on board.

A New, Open Living Space for Swimming

Aft of the Sun Odyssey 350 extends an exceptionally generous swim platform for a 35-foot sailboat, providing water access while at anchor.


A true invitation to take full advantage of each anchorage:  diving contests, paddleboarding, or simply contemplating the coastal scenery, with your toes in the water…

Functional and easy to handle, the swim platform creates a new living space, easily accessible from the cockpit.  With off-centred twin helms, and as the beam of the Sun Odyssey 350 exceeds that of her predecessor by 15 cm, movement to the aft of the boat is perfectly fluid.

What’s more, the Sun Odyssey 350 has no backstay; replacing its action on the mast, her rigging features 30° swept spreaders.

A Contemporary Hull

Fans of the wind and sea will find everything here that contributed to the success of the Sun Odyssey 349, with greater ease of handling.

For the new hull of the Sun Odyssey 350, the naval architecture firm of Marc Lombard has conserved the chined hull, which guarantees excellent stability under sail.
He designed an innovative bow that stands clear of the water, reducing displacement.  This facilitates docking manoeuvres and handling in light winds.  

When the wind picks up, the bow sits lower in the water and the sailboat regains its full waterline length, and its potential.

Innovative and faithful to the heritage of the line, the Sun Odyssey 350 is a high-performance, versatile, and inviting sailboat, ideal for coastal cruising with family and friends, while also entirely capable of longer ocean crossings.

She is a well-balanced sailboat, combining performance and comfort, warmth and passion for the sea.


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The Sun Odyssey 350 will be making its world premiere at Boot Düsseldorf 2024

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