Cooking on Board

Aboard your Jeanneau, is everything ready to cast off and enjoy a dream get-away? Swimsuits, sunglasses, flippers…?  But what about kitchen utensils and your favourite cookbook to combine the fun of cruising with the sweet scents of cooking?

Cooking at sea is easy, on the condition that you are well equipped on board your boat to prepare tasty little plates!

1. In advance:  organise the storage space in the galley of your boat

Whether on board a Jeanneau sailboat or powerboat, all cruising boats have been designed with generous storage in the galley and in the saloon to stock a maximum of products, plates, and accessories, with large, easily accessible storage lockers.



You can organise the galley on your boat ahead of time by dedicating an area for savoury foods, with rice, pasta, and  dry goods, and one for sweet foods, such as apple sauce and cookies, as well as all the non-perishable goods. 

Another storage locker can be reserved for liquids, like water, fruit juices, and all the bottles to store on board. 


Bread can be kept better in a storage locker for the week, unless you have chosen bread with conservatives, which can be stored with the dry goods. 

We recommend storing fruits and vegetables in a net bag, so that they can breathe, to avoid their perishing too quickly.

In the galley, keep the oil, salt, pepper, and condiments within easy reach for practical use, and all the products you might regularly use on board your boat, like water, coffee, tea, and/or snacks and aperitifs.


2. Create your menus for the week

To better manage meals on board your cruising boat over the course of the week, the Jeanneau crew recommend that you plan your menus in advance in order to purchase exact quantities.

On stopovers along the way, whether on continental shores or islands, you can provision with fresh products, like vegetables, fish, or bread.


Whatever you do, before leaving on your cruise, don't forget to provision the bottles of gas for cooking and eating hot meals aboard your boat!

Before leaving for a cruise, anticipate breakfast menus with consideration for the tastes of your crew.  If conditions are predicted to be rough, don't forget to pre-mix ingredients for your recipes in advance, whether in a pot or stored in a container in the galley, ready to be heated easily in a casserole over the stove or in the oven.  It is also important to plan for 1.5 litres of water per person, each day, to guarantee good hydration and to avoid sea sickness.

If the sea is calm, you can cook while enjoying your cruise, whether in the galley on the interior or prepping in the sunshine, on the cockpit table of your boat.

3. Meals are up to you!

Keep it simple.  You do not need many accessories to cook on board your boat.

A pasta salad, or rice and fresh vegetables, with a drizzle of olive oil and seasonal herbs, or even a recipe for freshly caught fish during your week-long cruise, perhaps marinated and accompanied by some basmati rice, with banana bread baked in the oven for dessert, to recall the sweet flavours of the islands.

Travel can open your eyes and tempt your taste buds:  let your imagination be your guide, or you can pull out your favourite cookbook for meals on board to please young and old!

Right, all set!  Come to the table!