“Fish of the Day,” Season 3 – A Round of Applause!

Recapping a Season Rich in Sights and Emotions


In Season 3 of “Fish of the Day,” Clarke Gayford introduced us to the grandiose landscapes of New Zealand (from Half Moon Bay to Golden Bay), as well as the rich array of underwater flora and fauna. In each of these episodes, Clarke shares his adventures with us, as well as tips for how to catch magnificent fish and shellfish.

Aboard a Merry Fisher 795 and a Merry Fisher 895 Marlin, Clarke Gayford has been able to demonstrate for us the extent to which these boats have been designed for fishing and how they can be adapted for all sorts of activities (fishing for big and small fish, diving, etc.).


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▶ Episode 1 - In Search of the Latris Lineata

▶ Episode 2 - The Latris Lineata

▶ Episode 3 - In Search of the Ocean’s Black Gold: Abalone

▶ Episode 4 - Blue Cod Fishing

▶ Episode 5 - Discover the Merry Fisher 795

▶ Episode 6 - 360º Tour of Golden Bay



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Merry Fisher 795 

With her versatile new V-shaped hull, the Merry Fisher 795 will be the ideal boat for all your outings at sea.  Her stability and comfort will enable you to experience moments of pure pleasure, with even more power and greater performance!  Open to the sea, the spacious and inviting U-shaped cockpit saloon ensures enjoyable moments of relaxation with family and friends.




Merry Fisher 895 Marlin:  Built for Adventure 

The Merry Fisher 895 Marlin is a real swiss knife of boats!  With a clever, contemporary design, it adapts perfectly to each outing!  Whether for fishing trips, kayaking adventures, or simply relaxing and enjoying the sea, the interior and exterior layouts of the Merry Fisher can be transformed to adapt to your intended use.


About “Fish of the Day”


“Fish of the Day” is a television show in which fishing serves as the perfect excuse to discover fabulous destinations.

In each episode, Clarke Gayford, a well-known television presenter in New Zealand, makes it a point of honour to catch incredible fish in stunning scenery.  Through his encounters, each one more enriching and joyous than the last, he enhances the fresh-caught fish by featuring it in a traditional recipe prepared by a renowned chef.

The show pays particular attention to the ecosystem and the environment.  Fishing can be both extraordinary and environmentally friendly!