Jeanneau Love Stories – Owners’ Stories - Part 2

For the second part of Jeanneau Love Stories, we asked the Jeanneau Community around the world to share their favourite memories aboard their Jeanneau powerboats or sailboats. We invite you get to know Jeanneau through the eyes of our owners.


Owners Share Their Best Memories Aboard Their Jeanneau:  Part 2

We’ve owned our Sun Odyssey 44 since 2004 and have made thousands of memories because of it.  We have had the freedom to explore wild Alaska and have taken friends and family on many of our adventures.  I can’t imagine a more perfect mode of transportation to take you far but at a pace that lets you appreciate the smallest details of our incredible world.  Thank you for making and supporting such a great boat!

John Baker

We live aboard our Sun Odyssey 440 ‘Sea Rose,’ during the summer months, and this past summer were able to experience Croatian and Greek life up-close and personal.  This photo is from the Naousa Bay, on the north side of Paros Island, in Greece.  We love the walk-around design for the ease and safety it provides, and our living room is our cockpit... lovin’ it!  To see more of our experiences on our Sun Odyssey 440, visit our YouTube channel: LifeForPointZero.

Karen et Tom Grimmett

It’s been five years, now, since I picked up our 2012 Sun Odyssey 409.  It’s hard to really explain how much our lives have changed.  The joy that it’s brought, as a place to get away, can only be shown with a big smile.  Even our Golden Retriever, Hudson, enjoys his time on the boat.  Life on our boat has to be the best move since I retired.  The sunrises and sunsets that we have seen have been breathtaking.  From an anchorage on the Chesapeake (United States), we have witnessed the peacefulness of nature.  The friends we’ve made and opportunities we’ve had wouldn’t have been without our Sun Odyssey 409.  We wouldn’t trade it for the world.  We can’t wait to be reunited with our SO 409 when it is safe to do so.  Wishing all of you fair winds and following seas.

Mike, Paula et Hudson Mittel.

We took possession of our new Cap Camarat 10.5 WA in September 2019, and have been loving every moment of cruising since then – 150 hours on the engines, already!  I was attracted to the Leader 10.5 by the overall design.  Most of our use is for day trips with family and friends, with some multi-day cruising, as well.  The optimisation of outside entertaining space, with stay-aboard options inside, has been just right for us.  We have enjoyed spending the day or evening outings with up to 10 adults and kids, either cooking while anchored out or tying up at one of the many south Florida restaurants along the Intracoastal Waterway (United States).  My girlfriend and I have also taken two multi-day trips throughout Florida, living on the boat for those.  We are looking forward to our first opportunity to head over to the Bahamas and do some exploring there, as well.  While there have been some minor details to tweak, reliability has been good for the boat and installed systems.  Where there have been issues, my dealer (InterMarine Boats) has been very responsive to develop solutions.  We are looking forward to many years of happy boating ahead!

Lee Spechler


My Sun Odyssey 52.2 named ‘GALA,’ is now in Greece.  I love her.  As in the classic car, is there a club of happy owners of the Sun Odyssey?

Georges Gallais


Enjoying ‘Cloud Nine,’ our Sun Odyssey 419, near shore in Charleston, South Carolina (United States).

Glenn Williman

Here we are on our Velasco 43F headed west on the Sound on our way back from New England (United States).  NYC has just come into view.  I love it when your destination appears just over the horizon, then slowly becomes closer and closer!  There are so many great destinations along the Eastern Seaboard:  voyaging at its best!

Mace Coleman

My children, Veronica, John, Patrick, Katie, and I love sailing our 2019 Sun Fast 3600Although we enjoyed a few Tuesday night races last year, our most fun since commissioning was a cruise from Baltimore outside Long Island to Newport (United States).  This boat is so stable and easy to sail fast that we would be cruising along at 10.5 and 11 knots, reading our books as we went.

John Tis



Share your own stories of cruising aboard your Jeanneau, and take us cruising, vicariously, along with you!

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