How to put your powerboat in the water

Have you recently acquired a powerboat, and now you are wondering which is the best way to put your boat in the water?


This guide includes detailed administrative requirements (permits, trailer, vehicle), the different types of road trailers, followed by steps to take to put your boat in the water in complete security.


If your boat is trailerable…


If your boat is transportable over roads, towed behind a car on a trailer, you can put your boat in the water and tow it out autonomously, without requiring help from a professional.

All the same, you must ensure that you have the vehicle, and/or proper permit, in function with the size of the boat that you wish to tow.


In fact, you must keep in mind the Total Authorised Weight:


> 750 kg:  B Permit

> 3500 kg (vehicle + trailer):  B Permit

Total Authorised Weight between 3500 kg and 4250 kg:  B Permit + B96 training (7h training resulting in a certificate)

Total Authorised Weight (vehicle + trailer) > 4250 kg:  BE Permit

Specific permit with training and road testing both in and out of traffic


Which type of trailer does your boat have?

New boat purchase


If you are purchasing a new boat, your Jeanneau dealer will advise you directly so that you will have the trailer best suited for your boat and for your anticipated use.


Contact your Jeanneau dealer


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Used boat purchase


However, for the purchase of a used boat, we would like to point out some useful information:


  • For boats < 380 kg, it is better to use a trailer with an articulated structure, as it is more practical for putting boats into the water on surfaces with little incline (beaches, embankments, etc.).
  • For semi-rigid boats > 380 kg or with hard hulls, trailers with a fixed towbar are better suited.


Manoeuvring your boat

Some advice and recommendations for putting your boat in the water


When backing up, be sure to manoeuvre your vehicle such that your trailer is well centred on the boat ramp.  (Try to make as few manoeuvres as possible to avoid having to make multiple adjustments).




Be sure to remove the license plate and the light board.


Remove the strap from the engine, and in the case of an outboard engine, be sure to raise it when you manoeuvre the boat (taking your boat out or putting it into the water, transporting it).


Then, remove the strap from the boat.




Back the trailer into the water, up to the maximum level of the rims of the wheels of your trailer.  Be careful!  After transport by road, the bearings are still hot, so do not immerse the hubs, because contact between seawater and heat will cause water to spray into the interior of the bearings.


From the bow, push the boat off of the trailer and into the water.


Once your boat is in the water, if your trailer has a winch, you can disconnect your boat.


If you are alone, ensure that the boat is well attached to the dock or quay, for example, and if you are with others, be sure to have someone watch and hold the boat correctly during the operation.


Use your vehicle to pull the trailer back up and into the designated parking space provided at port.  If you do not know where to park your trailer while you are on the water, see the harbour master of the port, and they will indicate the services offered for storing your trailer for the day.


Download our advice for putting your boat in the water


Handling larger boats


If your boat is over the maximum authorised weight for transportation by road, you must address the shipyard, your Jeanneau dealership, or the harbour master of your home port directly to handle the operation with professional equipment in a dedicated area at the boat yard.  You can also contact the port authorities to learn the hours and/or services offered by the boat yard.


Contact your Jeanneau dealer


Time to cruise!  Whatever your programme, you are now ready to leave the marina for a fishing or cruising outing on the water!


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