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A Day Boat for Family Getaways

The Leader Center Console is the perfect boat for outings with family under the sun. On the spur-of-the-moment, you could head out for a picnic on the water, a dive in an isolated cove, or an afternoon of relaxation… Modular layouts and clever features offer multiple configurations: sundeck, saloon, open spaces for access to the swim platforms and marine activities. There is something for everyone!

Sport Fishing

The Leader Center Console promises excellent fishing excursions. Spacious and easily accessible storage compartments are designed to accommodate fishing gear. Removable bench seating leaves open space on deck for a comfortable, stable position with good support, rod in hand. Multiple models offer an optional leaning post, equipped with a live well. Finally, while fishing with friends, the saloon and bench seats can be replaced in just minutes to celebrate the catch of the day.

The Sea is Your Playground

Make the most of your time together, sharing thrills and fun aboard the Leader Center Console. With its high-performance outboard engine and excellent seakeeping, the Leader CC will take you on exhilarating crossings. Then, time for water sports – water skiing, wakeboarding and more – with top speeds of up to 40 knots for the largest models.

Los modelos de la gama

Leader 6.5 CC

El equilibrio perfecto entre temperamento y comodidad


6.86 m / 22'6"

Leader 7.5 CC

Confort excepcional en espacios exteriores


7.37 m / 24'2"

Leader 9.0 CC

La embarcación de todos tus deseos náuticos


9.12 m / 29'11"

Leader 10.5 CC

¡Diversión para todos!


10.9 m / 35'9"

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Disfrutar de los placeres del mar y vivir momentos puros en el agua

Desde hace más de 60 años y con más de 250.000 embarcaciones navegando alrededor del mundo, Jeanneau se ha destacado por su espíritu familiar único. Uno de los grandes orgullos de la marca es haber hecho de sus embarcaciones las compañeras de aventura de miles de navegantes de todo el mundo.
La confianza en las embarcaciones del astillero se combina con la pasión por la exploración, el espíritu de amistad, la superación de uno mismo, las ganas de compartir...
La misión de Jeanneau, hacer descubrir los placeres del mar y vivir experiencias puras sobre el agua.

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