The Love Boat #4

“The Love Boat” is the wager of a young couple, Sarah and Sébastien, who left everything behind for a transatlantic crossing aboard a Sun Légende 41...


“For a month, we have been here in the Canaries, a beautiful stop on our journey. Cruising to Lanzarote was something else: strong wind conditions and swells, perfect for testing the boat and her crew! While we left Morocco sailing alongside our Quebecois friends, we quickly lost contact with one another due to VHF problems. How surprised we were when we saw them again upon our arrival, just before the entrance to the port of Lanzarote, 4 days later!

After several days of visiting and a technical stopover in Arrecife to remove the wind generator, repair and reinstall it, we headed for the island of La Graciosa, a nature preserve further north. With the beach and a volcano for a backdrop, and about ten boats anchored around us, we fetched our snorkels and the hammock, and we were in paradise. After a week in this peaceful haven, we headed south for a superb anchorage at the tip of Papagayo. Our objective now was to sail to Tenerife, where family awaited us.

We passed Fuerteventura, then sailed directly for Tenerife. To the south, the San Miguel Marina was a bit sad for our taste, with no village nearby, except for one main street where everything was: "Eat cheap," "Grill," "Red wine"... without much charm, and much too touristy for us.

We covered every inch of the island in three days and witnessed magnificent, varied landscapes, temperature differences, changes of scenery: from palms to pine trees, from 25 to 10 degrees, from the villages to the mountains to an immense beach resort.

For a beautiful finish to this superb stopover in the Canaries, we headed for La Gomera, a smaller, more charming and more tranquil island.

The Love Boat leaves now for Cape Verde, for another great adventure on our voyage!”