Jeanneau Love story:  Tom & Karen GRIMMETT

A Couple Passionate about Sailing Abord Their Sun Odyssey 440


Both passionate about sailing, Tom and Karen Grimmett have experienced cruising together numerous times on the Great Lakes of North America, in Nova Scotia, Canada, as well as in the Caribbean.

In the Fall of 2017, they had a revelation when they discovered the Sun Odyssey 440:  this sailboat would accompany them in their “«Life Four Point Zero»,” this new period in their lives together, as a couple under the sign of cruising.

It was in the South of France, in the town of Canet-en-Roussillon, that Tom and Karen, with the help of their Jeanneau Dealer, Navy Point Yacht Sales, took delivery of their sailboat, which they baptised “Sea Rose.”


Then their journey began!  They headed south, to the Balearic Islands, to discover the numerous coves of Majorca and Minorca.  Their trip would continue east, headed for France, stretching along the Côte d’Azur, followed by several days of cruising toward Corsica and then Sardinia.

To conclude their cruise, they headed to Sorrento, Italy.  It was in this port that they would leave “Sea Rose,” as they await their next opportunity to cross the Atlantic and experience new summer adventures in the Mediterranean aboard their Sun Odyssey 440.



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The Sun Odyssey 440, an invitation to travel and enjoy life’s pleasures in comfort and style

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  • An entirely new, innovative layout for greater ease of movement about the boat

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  • A contemporary and harmonious layout

  • An incredibly spacious, bright and comfortable owner’s cabin


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