A tribute to Fanch Guillon, passionate and inspiring navigator

It is with great sadness that Jeanneau learned of the death of Fanch Guillon’s on June 9, 2019 in Brazil. He had just returned to Jacaré, Brazil to continue on his around the world adventure onboard his 12-metre Sun Fizz named "Chanik.”

            A man committed to Voiles Sans Frontières


                In 2012, Fanch Guillon set a major challenge for himself: to sail 25,000 miles alone around the world and reach Cape Horn. On board his sailboat Sun Fizz "Chanik", he signed up with Voiles sans Frontières for a humanitarian mission in Senegal. Alongside a medical team, Fanch transported medical equipment to the village of Falia for 15 days. This adventure then led him on many other destinations including Panama, Chile, Brazil and finally Gibraltar.

In 2016, Fanch invited us aboard his Sun Fizz and told us about his humanitarian mission with Voiles sans Frontières. See his interview below!




            The « Longue Route » 2018, its ambitious project


            As he writes on his blog, Fanch Guillon was touched deeply when he was invited to participate in the « Longue Route » in 2018. This solo, non-stop around the world sailing tour through the three Capes was an unachievable dream for him. In June 2018, Fanch Guillon a born sailor, began his journey on board his Sun Fizz.

As he completed his round-the-world trip, he had to stop in Brazil to treat a painful injury. After a few weeks of recovery in France, he flew back to Jacaré, Brazil to continue on his long journey. Before he was able to continue on, Fanch Guillon passed away.

Greatly saddened by this news, Jeanneau gives our support to Fanch Guillon’s family, friends and the association Voiles sans Frontières. His involvement and generosity will remain forever in everyone's hearts.