The NC 14, Winner of the “Nautic Motor Boat Design Award” at the Paris Boat Show!

The direction of the International Paris Boat Show, in partnership with Moteur Boat and Neptune magazines, launched its first design award for powerboats for 2013. After a vote by the general public and a jury of marine professionals to elect the winner from among the five finalists, the “Nautic Motor Boat Design Award” was given to the NC14, with nearly 45% of the votes.

The prestigious jury was presided over by Odile Decq, Architect and Designer of the Year 2013, and included Philippe Starck, design icon and boat aficionado, Cédric Rageot, a new star in the world of design, journalists from Moteur Boat Magazine, Neptune Yachting and the European marine press, and last but not least, the FIN (French Nautical Industry Association) and Reed Expositions.

The award ceremony took place this Friday, December 13th, 2013, at 7:00 PM, in the setting of the Paris Boat Show, before an audience of marine professionals.

This competition was open to all powerboats launched after 2012, from all categories and price ranges, and the winner was selected based on the following criteria:
- exterior silhouette
- originality and aesthetic of the hull
- ergonomic design
- selection of materials (decoration, upholstery, etc.).

According to Odile Decq, a naval architect who has designed some unique models, herself, and President of this exclusive Nautic Motor Boat Design Award, the NC14 is "simple in comparison with the others, and at the same time, extremely efficient in the way she is organised and outfitted".

More information about the NC14 is available on the webpage for this model, at: NC14.