At 16, Laura Dekker sails round the world

Dutch teenager Laura Dekker sailed into the Caribbean island of St Maarten yesterday. Sailaing with a Jeanneau Gin Fizz, she became youngest person ever to sail solo around the world.

Laura Dekker, had left a year ago almost to the day, January 20, 2011, landed around 15:00 local time at the Yacht Club located in the Dutch from the island.

"I did not realize what happens to me ... Sometimes I wondered what I was doing," says Laura Dekker on arrival.

Of the approximately 400 people who welcomed Laura on the dock, tourists, school members of the Yacht Club, but also the sister of Laura and her parents. For if the girl was able to achieve this feat, it is first with his parents. Indeed, his project earned her a long legal battle in the Netherlands because of his age.