A new Jeanneau love story is unfolding!  One couple and their two young children decided to take to the sea in search of fabulous adventures and discoveries aboard their Sun Shine 36, Zanzibar.



Laurent first learned to cruise on powerboats. He discovered sailing at 18 years old, while studying at INB (Institut Nautique de Bretagne).  At 22 years old, won over by this new passion, he bought his first boat, a Rush (a 9.50-metre Jeanneau sailboat). He sailed through the islands of southern Brittany, side by side with a faithful crew of friendly boats:  “Baragwin,” “The Love Boat,” “Picolo,” and “Lancelot.”  Five years later, he would separate from his Rush to purchase a Sun Shine 36, with a long-haul voyage already in mind.

With five years of experience as a technical manager at a naval shipyard, small repairs on board were no secret to him.  But where he excelled, above all, was in the management of energy consumption and electronics on board.

Laurent is an audacious sailor, continuously seeking out new challenges!

THE FIRST MATE:  Bérengère

Born into a family of artists and having grown up in the Loire-et-Cher, nothing led her to assume a future interest in sailing.  It was on the Loire, however, that she discovered water sports.

It was later, when seeing Laurent and his sailor friends, that she was bitten by the sailing bug.  She discovered Belle-île, Groix, les Glénans… each island lovelier than the last.

Bérangère’s specialty is the organization and management of provisions for all attending crew members.  On board, she seconds the captain and wears many other hats: mother, nurse, teacher, cook, and laundress…

Her biggest problem on board: seasickness!  She hopes that this long voyage will help her to overcome it.


Blanche is 4 years old and likes princesses, dolls, candy and playing dress up.  Sailing?  She knows all about it!  Her first day on the water, she was only 5 days old!  Zanzibar is her second home.  She likes to traipse about the deck, bounce around on the ropes around the base of the mast, make a playhouse under the spray hood, admire the dolphins and drive the tender. However, she likes the swells less, and when the boat is heeled over too much.  Like her mother, she gets seasick when the sea is rough.

Blanche is naturally pretty cautious, which is rather practical for on board safety. This year, she will follow along with her pre-kindergarten class.


Gabin is 2 years old, and he likes cuddles, animals, tractors and boats.  He is a playful, mischievous child who never misses an opportunity to tease his sister, tickle his mother or climb on his dad!

Gabin must learn to respect the rules on board, which will be no easy task!

The family is ready to live out fabulous adventures, full of discoveries, aboard their Jeanneau sailboat!