FISH OF THE DAY #3 #ExploreWithJeanneau

Experience the adventure of “Fish of the Day” aboard a Jeanneau!  Set against a backdrop of stunning landscapes, this television show from New Zealand introduces you to fishing and the culinary arts aboard a Merry Fisher, a Leader and a Velasco.  Here is a new clip, selected just for you, with a Merry Fisher 695!


#Thefishingadventure #MerryFisher695

Take to the open roads with Clark and his Merry Fisher 695 on the trail of The Lord of the Rings!

It is in the region of Milford Sound, and more precisely, Fiordland, that Clarke has decided to transport his boat to go fishing.  The landscape reminds you of something? Of course!  It was here, in these open, green expanses of mountains and valleys with extraordinary wildlife where numerous films were made, including the saga of The Lord of the Rings.  Clarke transports his boat rather easily on this fabulous route, and he even passes through the infamous “Homer Tunnel.”

Once he has arrived at his destination, Clarke puts his Merry Fisher 695 in the water and starts off on an adventure.  It is a bit chilly, but the fishing promises to be perfect.  The scenery is incredible!  A breath of fresh air, not to be missed!


About “Fish of the Day”

“Fish of the Day” is a television show in which fishing serves as the perfect excuse to discover fabulous destinations.

In each episode, Clarke Gayford, a well-known television presenter in New Zealand, makes it a point of honour to catch incredible fish in stunning scenery.  Through his encounters, each one more enriching and joyous than the last, he enhances the fresh-caught fish by featuring it in a traditional recipe prepared by a renowned chef.

The show pays particular attention to the ecosystem and the environment.  Fishing can be both extraordinary and environmentally friendly!

“Fish of the Day” is broadcast on National Geographic, Prime TV and NZ Air.