Merry Fisher

Much more than a reference...

Easy and accessible moments of escape from the everyday!  The Merry Fisher invites you to multiply your outings at sea, throughout the year, and to diversify your pleasures on the water:  family excursions, relaxing weekends, fishing excursions, snorkelling…  Versatile, reassuring, and high-performance, this partner in all your marine activities will fan your passion for the sea and the spray.

Unmatched Versatility

Boasting a stable, reliable hull and a high-performance outboard engine, the Merry Fisher is a safe, protective boat.  A true reference in Europe, they enable you to cut across the sea in all seasons, in all conditions, in peace and comfort.  Sheltered in the wheelhouse, you benefit from a 360° view through large windows.  Optimised, modular interior spaces offer a remarkable quality of life on board.  Clever exterior layouts and spacious storage lockers enable you to enjoy a variety of marine activities.

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Key points

  1. Chic and elongated lines
  2. Stable, high-performance hulls
  3. Innovative interior layouts

Merry Fisher 605 serie2

All the qualities of a large Jeanneau

  • A trailerable model
  • Spacious and inviting U-shaped cockpit saloon, which transforms into a sundeck
  • Plenty of equipment
  • Sleeping capacity for up to four people on board

Merry Fisher 695 serie2

A true family cruiser in a trailorable version

  • Very large windows in the hull and distinguished signature look
  • Large U-shaped saloon transforms into a sundeck
  • Generously sized dedicated storage space
  • Trailorable version

Merry Fisher 795 serie2

Ideal weekender for experiencing moments of pure pleasure

  • New hull with a versatile, traditional V shape
  • Generous aft swim platform
  • Rich array of functionality and equipment

Merry Fisher 895

A true bright Weekender

  • Very comfortable L / U-shape cockpit
  • Easily folding copilot bench
  • Perfect balance in between exterior & interior spaces
  • Comfort, Elegance & Technology onboard

Merry Fisher 1095

A weekender and an ideal family cruiser

  • Modular cockpit
  • Recessed sidedeck
  • Sliding side door AND opening door in the coaming
  • Bench seat at the helm in the saloon
  • Optimised storage space

Merry Fisher 1095 Fly

Cruising has never been such a pleasure!

  • FLYBRIDGE, a true living area
  • Interior volume
  • Highperformance hull
  • Recessed sidedeck
  • Modular cockpit

Architecture and Design